WassimNET the most popular internet cafe…

What makes WassimNET the most popular internet café in Akkar

Well here’s why :

WassimNET is managed by two brothers, Tarek and Majed…Tarek is the daily star and Majed is the nightly one.. 😀 Tarek is the older brother, he’s got the tongue, he knows how to attract customers and makes good advertisement…..

Majed is the youngest brother..he’s the dynamo of the shop, his skills starts from Operating Systems to Networking and Programming….

3ati khebzak lal khebbez law akal nesso” this is a Lebanese proverb…I dunno what does it means in English but it’s like: Give your bread to the Baker even if he ate half of it…which means everyone is experienced in his domain and field….that’s why we’ve the best Games installed and the best connection.

Customer Care
We at WassimNET ensure that our customers get the best support and comfort while using our computers.

You can ask always, where to find the best Games, the answer is WassimNET…We’ve installed more than 100 games categorized as follows:

– Action Games

– Network Games

– Sports Games

– Racing Games

– Kids Games

– Strategy Games

– Adventure Games

and every month we install new game.

Fast Internet
With 1 Mbps/512 Kbps ADSL Connection words talk….


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