Abo Abed and The Barber

Warning this Joke contain naughty word, if you don’t like such things please don’t read it

Abu El Abed went once to a hairdresser for a haircut.

Abu El Abed tried to start a conversation with the people while waiting.

Abu El Abed : Did you hear what Joumblatt said today?”

Barber: “Allah Ykhallik, ma badna seeyasee bi hal mahal”

after a few minutes Abu El Abed : “Do you know how the dollar is doing today?”

Barber:”Allah Ykhallik, ma badna haki al dollar wel lira bi hal mahal”

few minutes later…. Abu El Abed : “Tayyeb feena nehke Sex?”

Barber : Sure




Abu El Abed : “eh ayre feek wou bi hal mahal.”


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