How to Disable Facebook Ads

I dunno if you feel the same but I got rid of the Facebook ads that keep appearing on my profile day after day, it’s kinda boring and annoying to see ads in general,  so I read an article on the internet on how to remove the Facebook ads that really attracted me, I will rewrite the article in a simple way and guide you through the simple process…..


First of all you need to have Firefox as your Internet Browser, I think you should switch to Firefox if you haven’t already , it’s fast, functions rich, and much more better than IE. To download the latest version of Firefox go to:

Now, we will need to add a plug-in to our Firefox which is for me a very powerful add-on because of its effect on changing the web page content in real time..Anyway I won’t take you into deep details, the add-on is Greasemonkey.

Greasemonkey Logo

Once installed Greasemonkey plugin in Firefox, restart Firefox browser and then install one of the following Greasemonkey scripts created by Greasemonkey users.

Remove All Facebook Ads – Removes banner ads, sponsored items in news feed and sponsored sidebar items from Facebook.

NoFacebookAds – Removes Facebook flyer and network adverts, including ’social adverts’ such as the annoying Danish barber adverts.

Hide Facebook Ads – Hide “Facebook Flyer” adverts on Facebook left sidebar on homepage or profile page.

Facebook – Hide FeedAds – Hides the ads inserted into Facebook Feed. (WARNING: May be a phishing script. Use with own care.)

Cipher’s Facebook Remove Ads or Facebook Companion – Both remove ads from Facebook, where the later is the original source code.

NoPirateQuestAds – Specific to PirateQuest ads, where it prevents any Facebook wall entries containing ads for “PirateQuest” from appearing.

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6 Responses to “How to Disable Facebook Ads”

  1. none of these actually work I tried them all with greasemonkey and I still have those sponsored targeted adverts that are extremely annoying.

  2. james mcmahon Says:

    hi, another cool option for hiding the ads on facebook and also lots of other annoying facebook features is “fb purity”, it lets you hide the ticker bar, facebook questions, adverts, sponsored box, facebook applications and lots more. its compatible with firefox, google chrome, safari and opera and you can get it free here:

  3. Worked for me! Thank you!!!!

  4. Firefox is fast? What the hell budy, if i start Firefox it needs about a few seconds to get the browser (and if so, first i will get to many notifies)
    the only browser who starts immediately and browses fast through the web is googles chrome i guess..

    if you dont believe me, view current benchmarks. Also your lovely firefox has too many security-wholes.

    Your’s sincerley 🙂


  5. Hey, thanks for that post. I just wrote an updated article that also uses Greasemonkey in Firefox. Furthermore, I show another approach using CSS in Internet Explorer and Safari.
    There you go:

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