Our Services :

1 – Internet Cafe: Internet and Games

2- Programming: If you have any kind of business, and you want a software to manage your business, then you’ve came to the right place. At WassimNET we only make customized software to fit your business needs, our prices start from 100$ and above

3-Maintenance : Software and Hardware computer Maintenance prices start from 10$ for Format. one of our maintenance service is the Data Recovery, if you have lost your files by accident or by a virus or any other way, we can recover up to 90% of your data back.

4- Web Design: if you want to design a website we have templates and customized websites.
prices depend on the design and number of pages.

5- Software : you can find lots of software and games at WassimNET, the price starts from 2$ for the CD.

6- DVDs : We’re the only reseller of quality DVDs at the region, you can find more than 300 DVDs at WassimNET. Categorized from Actions to Horror Movies.

7- PS2 : because there’s no demand on PS2 so we only have few PS2 cds.

8- Printing and Copying Services

9- Wireless Internet Provider : Coming SOON!


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