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The Weirdest USB Ever!

Posted in Computers - كمبيوتر, Gadget, Technology - تكنولوجيا with tags , , on September 26, 2008 by wassimnet
Grilled bacon USB

Now, before going any further, this is not at all a top, simply because I haven’t been looking all over the Internet for weirder stuff… besides, choosing the most uncanny thing from a heap of other bizarre ones is a rather difficult task. Nevertheless, I’ve encountered some very funny USB drives, some of them looking absolutely delicious and well worth buying and using, just to see the look on your friends’ faces.
Among so many manufacturers that launch new USB drives every day, some of them are not thinking about the sleek and precious corporate design but about how to make work more fun. This is why all sorts of wacky and sometimes dumb shapes find their way in this very serious world of technology.

One cool thing about these drives is that they come with diminutive dimensions and therefore are easy to work with; yet, due to the very “special” shapes, some can be a real pain (literally)

Some USB biscuits?

if you decide to have them in your back pocket and forget about them as you take a seat. Arriving in the ER with a piece of plastic watermelon deeply inserted in your rear would definitely give all the present physicians the laughter of their lives.
I’ve found a very interesting assortment of wacky USB drives for sale at and, believe me, you’ll have a hard time choosing between so many silly designs. Some of those who looked most interesting were the sushi, the grilled bacon and the cabbage. Now try and imagine the look on the face of your neighbor as you are on a train and take out your notebook, plug a very realistic piece of cabbage in it and then start working! That’s really a sight that’s worth seeing…

Cabbage, my fav wacky USB.

As for the other pieces, I must add the strawberry USB drive, the triangular pyramid watermelon, and by all means, the thumb drive, which looks exactly like a freshly-cut human thumb, with nail and all, save for the associated blood. I guess that its producers gave it a second thought and decided to leave the blood out… after all, there are more and more children using USB drives these days and seeing your kid playing with a blood-stained severed human thumb isn’t exactly everyone’s idea of education.
With either 4 GB or 8 GB storage capacity and prices ranging between $28 and $40, these funky USBs could make a very fine present and even become your storage solution of choice.

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A burger you can always use

The 4 GB USB cookie

Careful with this one in your pockets

Meat galore. USB version.

Cool idea for a USB drive

Grow your own storage

That's evil!

Sushi, anyone?

Looking really good!

They've washed the blood off.