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Welcome to WassimNET Blog, I hope you like this simple but very rich blog, I always add pretty cool things and topics you will find interesting and useful, you will find many topics about everything including weird stuff and rare software or secrets….etc

Please feel free to browse the blog, you search for anything using the search text box to the right side, you can also browse by Categories or Tags.

Comments are welcomed as long as it doesn’t contain any bad words,insults or spam stuff.

My name is Majed and I will be your host till you exit this page 🙂 Please enjoy your stay 😉

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Lifehacker: iPhone vs Android

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Timeline of 2010 till 2019 !

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At some point during this period, a devastating earthquake hits California

Experts had been warning for years that it wasn’t a matter of “if” – but “when”.

The earthquake is centred on the Los Angeles basin, and is of sufficient magnitude to cause over $100 billion worth of damage. Many thousands of buildings are destroyed and there is widespread damage to roads, infrastructure, energy and water supplies. Hundreds of people are killed, while thousands more are injured.

This disaster comes as California is already going through a fiscal crisis – plunging the state into bankruptcy.

prediction california earthquake 2010 2012 2037
Credit: Andy Z

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Facebook is Down!

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24 September 2010 Facebook is reported Down!

Is it a DoS Attack!! no one knows till the moment…

Introducing Akram Atallah, ICANN’s New Chief Operating Officer

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Bringing over two decades of engineering, operations, finance and global business experience, Akram Atallah joins ICANN on September 20 as Chief Operating Officer.

His solid understanding of the online and high tech worlds, coupled with fluency in French and Arabic, mean he is well-positioned to contribute to ICANN’s global mission of ensuring a stable, secure and unified global Internet.

Akram will be based in ICANN’s Los Angeles office. He shares his thoughts about joining ICANN in this brief Continue reading

Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 LIVE!

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Watch World cup LIVE FREE

If you have a fast internet and don’t have a TV or no subscription to watch FIFA World cup 2010, now you can watch it FREE on live streaming…

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